Welcome to CPiRLS

CPiRLS, The Chiropractic Patient Incident Reporting and Learning System – is an online reporting and learning forum that enables chiropractors to share patient safety incidents.

The essential details of submitted reports are published on this website for all chiropractors to view. A CPiRLS team comments on individual cases and identifies trends among submitted reports in order to provide feedback for the profession. Sharing information in this way helps to ensure the whole profession learns from the collective experience in the interests of patient safety.

All chiropractors are encouraged to adopt incident reporting as part of a blame-free culture of safety, and a routine risk management tool.

CPiRLS is secure and anonymous. There is no known way that anyone reporting can be identified, nor do those running the system seek to identify you. For this security to be effective, you require a password to participate.

Following a published review of the first 10 years of CPiRLS data, the CPiRLS Development Team has introduced a range of improvements to the platform (CPiRLS 2.0) which were implemented in January 2024 and apply to all reports numbered 351 onwards. These changes improve the relevance and usability of the reporting forms and maximise the learning potential to be gained from reporting and sharing patient safety incidents. The CPiRLS Development Team now provides comments on submitted reports, where applicable. Please note that reports 1-350 are still available to view in the pre-revised format.

Please note that reporting to CPiRLS is NOT a substitute for the reporting of patient safety incidents to your professional association and/or indemnity insurers.